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How are you?
Fine thank you.

Are you playing live soon?
No plans, but I would love to at some point.

When is the album coming out?
I need to mix it and get it mastered and then find someone to release it. The recording is finished.

Where did you record the album?
I started in an old church in the Scottish Borders. I was at Blacksheep (recording studio) recording guitars, strings and harmonium. "Evening Of The Day" was recorded at Buccleuch church in Edinburgh.

Your record is very dark. Can you see yourself recording some upbeat music?
I’m fairly happy making miserable music.

Who influences you?
Anyone who really cares about what they doing in any walk of life.

On a musical level?
I’m listening to a vocal trio from Bulgaria and the Mark Hollis solo record. Will Oldham - Master and Everyone (Bonnie Prince Billy album) does it for me.

Who would you most like to work with?
Too many to list but I would love to work with the Bulgarian vocal trio.

Your version of Dylan's 'Shelter From The Storm' is very different from the original.
I like the idea of taking a song and turning it upside down. I recorded a few Dylan songs for my own pleasure. I think I was bored working through the same songs and I wanted a break from my own stuff so I recorded a covers album. It was between that and ‘You’re A Big Girl Now’.

Do you like discussing lyrics?
For the most part, no.

Can I ask about the song 'Mississippi'?
I’m really not sure if that song will make it on to the record. It was the last thing I recorded and it’s still very close. It was more like a demo- much of the record was like that.

You said 'Mississippi' may not make the album. How many songs do you have to choose from?
Between twenty and thirty - fifteen or so completed. The most important thing is getting them to work together.


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